Aug 3, 2011

i think i like tumblr better.
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Jan 7, 2010


one of my moms lovely cousins had twins afew months ago. i got to meet them at christmas! of course, i had to photograph them. it was such a treat. they look like baby dolls!

oh hey brother, can i eat you?

i love this. champion brother. haha.

this is start before she started bawling because he continued with that handful of hair.

big sister!

Dec 10, 2009

sneak peak : caroline + jimmy

i returned from chicago afew days ago where i photographed my beautiful friend's caroline and jimmy's wedding. it was a wonderful time. i'm in the midst of finishing another wedding that i must finish first, but i couldn't help but peak at what we got and wanted to post afew of the favorites.... more to come of course... enjoy.

we like strangers. (this one will make more sense when you see the rest... just a tease)

yes, i like to go to shows alone

it is not a secret that i like to drive. i have been known to to drive long distances in short periods for strange things. often by myself. that is something else is isn't much of a secret, that i tend to be a loner. it's probably given then, that i willing to drive for quality music when its within my means. which is why is funny that out of all the venues i've been to, one of my favorite ones happens to be minutes from where i live.
shows at southgate house have been a key part of my living in northern kentucky.
it is such a wonderful thing to be able to get away from whatever productive thing i think i should be doing instead to just relax and enjoy some quality live music every once in awhile.
i get into my own world at shows. i love southgate because there is a variety of ways you can view the shows in the ballroom. sometimes i'm in the mood to sit in the balcony and write or something while enjoying the show, and others i feel like standing right in front of the stage on the floor. i love it.
photographing live music has been on the higher end of my love to photograph list for a long time. it has become a part of me in how i enjoy a show. there are times i am not in the mood so i will go camera free, but it is rare.
afew weeks ago i went to go see the wonderful bishop allen. i didn't know anything about the openers but i usually appreciate them as i haven't been as great about keeping up with contemporary music as i used to be so its always nice to hear new music this way. the first act was this wonderful cincinnati band called you, you're awesome. i would highly recommend checking them out. the next was darwin deez, they are from new york. all three of these bands put on a particularly quality live show. i am incredible sensitive to stage presence, so i appreciated this most definitely.

you, you're awesome is mostly instrumental, just two band members and a projector. they played some older movies as well as some it seems they made themselves. so enjoyable. seriously. check them out if you get a chance.

darwin deez was so great. all decked out in clothes from the past few decades. they opened their set dancing to a clip of peanut butter jelly time. the music was good. between every couple of songs they would put down their instruments and would perform some ridiculous dance act. soooo great.

bishop allen has a straight up awesome stage presence. lots of energy and happiness! the female that is in the band has such a genuine smile, as if she couldn't have been happier to be playing the xylophone.