Dec 21, 2007

just thought i'd give you an update, i heard from several people that they wanted to check out the colors series mentioned below but didn't get a chance before they were supposed to come down, well, they decided they wanted to keep them up for another week or so. so if you didn't get to, and wanted to. go check them out.

and check back here too. i will have more of miss megan, some good friends weddings, musical adventures, some recent seniors and much more posted soon!

Merry Christmas.
Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10


Dec 10, 2007

festive miss megan

only five weeks out of her momma's womb, miss megan is already keeping up with the holidays styles...

you'll see plenty more of miss megan in the very near future...

Dec 2, 2007

artwork on display at Therapy

my final for a studio class i took last spring is currently being displayed at Therapy Cafe (452 E. Third St.) in downtown Dayton, OH. here is a glimpse. i say a glimpse because this is only afew of them, and also seeing them here is nothing like seeing them printed and mounted (in other words, this is not the "proper" presentation of them) we were all very pleased. much time and effort was put into it, it was quite enjoyable, and i grew alot as a photographer, creating. if you like what you see, i would encourage you to stop by therapy to check them out. to find their hours go to i'd love to hear feedback!

stay tuned for more frequent posting. my lack of blogging has not meant i haven't not been creating... quite the opposite. i haven't had time to blog what i've been working on, so i'll be doing some catching up real soon......

Sep 15, 2007

Jul 4, 2007

musical friends.

you might know that i am on a missions tour with Stand True ministries all summer.
a few nights before we got on the road, some great friends of mine from TN played a show in downtown Dayton.
it was a splendid show, fun to watch and photograph.
i love watching friends do a good job at what they love and fulfill dreams.

Those Lavender Whales

Cut The Red Wire

they danced.