May 20, 2009

Phillip = Graduating

I've known Phillip since he was very little. Our families have known each other for a long time. It was so fun to take his senior pictures because i've known him most of his life so i've seen him grow up. Of course the fact that we took his drum set outside for his senior pictures had nothing to do with it being fun ;-) Have i mentioned that i love my job and my clients? (and the fact that alot of them are friends.)

thats the dayton skyline.

I always encourge my seniors to bring a friend or family member along for their shoot to make it more comfortable for them, i can get more natural smiles and expressions. Since my brother and Phillip are buds i did part of their shoot together so here's the piano's again. Phillip is also a musician, as you probably figured out already.


Some of my cousins and siblings were awesome and let me drag them out into the cold when we were all at my grandma's in march. We had alot of fun. I love night photography because i love experimenting, and it always is. Only problem is experimentation shouldn't be rushed, and when you're finger tips are freezing and you know your subjects are cold, its hard not to be. I didn't get as much as i could have if we were working on a summer night instead of a crazy march in ohio night, but i got a few shots i'm pleased with, and we had a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to shooting more at night with the weather getting nice.

cold. yes.

the end.

hey hey lil' brother

Well, its that time of year, and my little brother is one of them. He's graduating from high school. We went to a music stores storage floor. He's a musician so this location was perfect for him, he did a great job of picking it. We had fun, it seems like i always say that, but hey i love my job, it IS fun. and working with my any and all of my family is always awesome. I'm proud of him and excited to see what he's up to next.


Jody & Dan = Engaged

well hello!

i'm alive. its true.
even though i haven't blogged since january. oops.
i'm just gonna start from where i left off.
actually, these photos are from the same weekend as the photos from my last post.

I was in PA that weekend in january visiting some really good friends. I also have a really good friend from New Jersey which isn't far from where i was,
with me only being afew hours away, she and her fiance drove out to hang out with me for an evening. They are getting married in September, i'm super stoked to shoot their wedding (i have been even before they got engaged ;-) We had talked about possibly shooting some engagement photos for their save the date card that night, but apparently it wasn't enough of a priority to brave the bitter cold, so we let it go. On the way to dropping me off after dinner i saw a borders, knowing they both like books, i said "hey, turn around, i have an idea for your engagement photos!" Obviously i'm biased but these guys are so fun. We went around the store finding books that we thought would suite them well. They had some awesome faces. Irony might have been involved...
They always have awesome faces, but their facial expressions that went with this specifically.


martha stewart homekeeping handbook & dare to repair.

the idiot's guide to the PERFECT wedding & wedding planning for dummies.

jody was reading this outloud... you might have had to be there...

dan listening intently.

i think this was during some part of the book about the wedding photographer, hence the pointing.

we might have been making alittle fun of...

the end.