Nov 22, 2008

Simendinger children

loved hanging out with these guys. we were short on light because it was the day of the time change and when i was scheduling their session i didn't remember that sunset was going to be an hour earlier. but the kids were really cooperative and fun. it worked out great.

i think they were playing blob tag...


me and a friend from school went to this abandoned building to shoot some b&w 4x5 film last month. mine didn't turn out that terrific, but i like most of them in color so much better anyways (these are digital.) afew of these rooms were pitch black except those little bursts of light, and what turned up after several minutes of exposure on a tripod was a big surprise and simply phenominal. i could have spent all day there. so much fun. bummed i didn't do a very good job with my film. i need to play with film and long exposures more, i've really only experimented with long exposures in the digital realm.

we checked out the roof...

and this is how we got up there...

my erin

this is erin.
erin is strong. erin is beautiful. erin is amazing.
i can say all this because i know erin quite well. she is like a little sister to me.
we spent a summer serving together on tour with Stand True ministries in 2007, the pro-life ministry i've mentioned several times before. i also visited her several times this summer.
erin is graduating from high school this year, she insisted that i was the one to be taking her senior pictures. though i'm always up and excited to travel for jobs, being in school full time makes it alittle harder than it used to be to fit in my schedule, but we made it happen! last friday i drove up to pittsburgh, erin her friend and i packed ourselves up, along with her outfits, and her couch! and headed to the park...
of course we had a really good time.
erin is just so pretty!

so cozy.

the end.

the Folcks

The Folck children are so adorable. beyond adorable. Their whole family is beautiful and i loved having them hang out in front of my camera for awhile the other day.

oh brothers.

the end.

nashville daily

my nephew being the lovable little dude he is, and me not being the only one that thinks highly of him; his grandma, aunt, uncles and great grandma drove down to see him for a saturday recently, and what do you know, cincinnati is on the way to nashville from dayton, so i pretended like i didn't have any homework to do and went with them! here are just afew of the photos from the day... just afew....


grandma and grandbaby

fun with uncle dilly.

more fun with uncle dilly...

he was waving to his great grandma....


there is a really neat venue pretty close to my new house. i don't have much time to go to shows, being a full time art student (oh the pain, i know :-) keeps me pretty busy, but i did make it to this show the other day and it was SO refreshing...