Dec 25, 2008

merry Christmas!

this was my nephew's first Christmas,

and my brother's first Christmas as a Daddy.

hope that everyone had as blessed a day as i did.

Dec 17, 2008

the emmons family have a special place in my heart. i don't see them much, definitely not enough. this was actually the first time i actually got to hang out with the children, i did some ministry work with dan and celia more before they were married. it had been that long. which saddens me because boy, was i missing out! these two little ones are so delightful, which makes perfect sense because of who their parents are. such gems, all four of them.
i had a really hard time picking out what to blog. there is so much to capture when working one on one with kids when they are in their own atmosphere, comfortable, which is what i love to do.

glitter glue with mommy

he was so concentrated!

i love wooden blocks.

i just loved this little birdie mouth poking up over the table waiting for daddy to feed her

the end.

Dec 13, 2008

have you procrastinated on your Christmas pictures and/or Christmas cards this year? there is still time if you book a session with me this week!
i have added handmade photo notecards to my list of what i offer in the world of post photographing - your photos in tangible form!

a unique way to send a christmas greeting, or any for that matter. i will be offering these from now on...

if you would like to do something for christmas, contact me right away and we can set up a session this week. as i am on break so my schedule is not nearly so heavy. that being said, christmas or not, if you were thinking about setting up a session with me, now (& the next few weeks) is a good time to do it. i am always booking, but during my break i am much more likely to be able to meet you at the location of your choice at the time of your choice. invest in some quality photography of you and your family.

last weekend i spent many hours one night making some fine art photo note cards for a student sale at school.

i thoroughly enjoyed myself. this is something that has been on my to-do list for years. i finally did it and have some of the ones i didn't sell at school at acouple locals shops in over the rhine. as soon as time allows i will get some going on etsy as well as some other handmade things my mind has conjured up. but for now, some photos of my late night card making extravaganza...
the colors... (this was after cutting them from large sheets)

the photographs...

the stack of the ones ready to go after i matched the photograph with its appropriate card color...

finished products... (yes i went abit camera happy, but that's my job right? and who could resist such piles of texture and color!)

and the handmade brown paper envelopes...

also, if you are interested in ordering fine art photo note cards like you see in these pictures, definitely shoot me an email, like i said i'd like to get them on etsy but i don't know how soon it will happen, but certainly can produce some before i do that. and i have some christmas ones leftover from the sale if you are in need of some last minute christmas cards to send out and want something unique...

Nov 22, 2008

Simendinger children

loved hanging out with these guys. we were short on light because it was the day of the time change and when i was scheduling their session i didn't remember that sunset was going to be an hour earlier. but the kids were really cooperative and fun. it worked out great.

i think they were playing blob tag...