Feb 6, 2008

this little fella is about to steal your heart, so hold onto it tight.

photographing my first nephew was a neat experience. even now i'm looking at these photos and realizing that i already know him, and his faces, even though he's only less than 2 weeks old (yes, he looks much older, i know...)

if i had to pick a favorite thing to photograph, babies and children would be it. i come to your home (or place of choice,) it's relaxing and fun for all of us, i just come over and mostly hang out with you and your baby for awhile. if you like what you see, and have a baby, email me at emmawphoto@gmail.com to find out my prices and procedure, it's really quite simple.

the human flight committee

it was a pleasant surprise that friends of mine from the beautiful state of new hampshire happened to be playing in tennessee when i was there. the human flight committee puts on one of the best shows around. and i wouldn't just say that. they really do. getting as close as i did was alittle risky, these guys never stop moving, they are one of my favorite bands to shoot because of it. it was quite refreshing to see and hear these boys play their music, and to hang out with them for a few hours. enjoy.

(oh and, if you are local, they are playing in dayton march 4th. come check it out.)