Oct 11, 2008


i've been taking pictures of this little dude since he was less than a year old, i'm pretty sure he is the most photogenic child i've ever hung out with. we are buddies.
caught this yesterday when i was shooting his family's, family portrait.

and thats his sister dancing in the background.

Oct 5, 2008

Sarah&Josh = Engaged

these two came down to cincinnati for their engagement shoot. we had alot of fun. i don't require all of my dayton clients to come to me of course, it just worked out nicely because we shot in a park that they actually considered getting married in, so it was neat for them, and i'm still exploring around here so it gave me a good excuse to scout. i'm really looking forward to photographing their vows and celebration.

i was really excited about this sign grave yard that a friend of mine had told me about awhile ago. i searched for awhile the day before to find it for this shoot. i didn't get as many shots there as i wanted to, but it was still fun, i'm sure i'll end up back there pretty soon, it has so much potential!