Dec 17, 2008

the emmons family have a special place in my heart. i don't see them much, definitely not enough. this was actually the first time i actually got to hang out with the children, i did some ministry work with dan and celia more before they were married. it had been that long. which saddens me because boy, was i missing out! these two little ones are so delightful, which makes perfect sense because of who their parents are. such gems, all four of them.
i had a really hard time picking out what to blog. there is so much to capture when working one on one with kids when they are in their own atmosphere, comfortable, which is what i love to do.

glitter glue with mommy

he was so concentrated!

i love wooden blocks.

i just loved this little birdie mouth poking up over the table waiting for daddy to feed her

the end.

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