Feb 6, 2008

this little fella is about to steal your heart, so hold onto it tight.

photographing my first nephew was a neat experience. even now i'm looking at these photos and realizing that i already know him, and his faces, even though he's only less than 2 weeks old (yes, he looks much older, i know...)

if i had to pick a favorite thing to photograph, babies and children would be it. i come to your home (or place of choice,) it's relaxing and fun for all of us, i just come over and mostly hang out with you and your baby for awhile. if you like what you see, and have a baby, email me at emmawphoto@gmail.com to find out my prices and procedure, it's really quite simple.


Cameron Ingalls said...

soooo cute! thanks for checking in Emma! great work!

Jen said...

Aw, I just wanna hold him. :) Fantastic photos, as always.