Aug 13, 2008

the great white north

i drove up to ontario last week to spend four days to see a very good friend of mine. we have one of those relationship where it doesn't matter what we do, we're just glad to be together, as cheesy as that sounds, its the truth. i am very blessed to have her. one of the nights i was there, she had some friends over and we had a bonfire in her back yard.

the evening before i left, we were discussing what to do. rachael asked me if i wanted to go to niagara falls. i was there when i was in jr. high, and only saw the american side so i said sure why not. when i agreed i had not thought about the tourism that surrounds that place. needless to say we enjoyed the walk, and did a bit of making fun of the nonsense. favorite moment of the evening: rachael and i walking down the sidewalk, a guy in front of a club, with fliers says "hey ladies, you want to come to a free party tonight?" we said no and kept walking... he replied with "but i'll be there!" rachael turned around, looked him in the eye and said "HAH. HAH. thats tempting!!" turned back around and kept walking. behind us we hear "well i thought it was." we spent several minutes afterwards discussing how it was that we looked like the type of people that wanted to party. we eventually decided that they didn't care what you were dressed like, they just want you to buy drinks. on the walk back, i pulled out of my camera and my fisheye, set my iso at 1600 (which i was actually quite impressed with the overall performance, i usually don't go above 800 with my digital just because i think it'll turn out really noisy, they didn't, just grainy, as they are supposed to be at that speed.) and shot a ton while walking... hope you enjoy... i know i did

the drive both up and back was quite enjoyable, i really do enjoy traveling, especially driving, by myself... i stopped in pittsburgh for afew days on the way home, stay tuned....

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Kayla said...

I love the bonfire pics -- and the sky in almost all of the pics you took while walking is almost unreal --- awesomeous!!!! :D