Aug 12, 2008

if you have a myspace account, you can "add me" and enjoy quite abit of my work here i finally got it up and going, i still have new and old stuff to add to it...

i have plenty to post here too. you might already know that my summers are usually very full of touring and ministry work. while i did not tour full time this summer, i did some of it, plus second shooting a couple out of town weddings, a family reunion type event (where i got to take a 5 generation picture! my great grandma down to my nephew) and some road tripping of my own. i will be shooting and doing ministry with no one underground and stand true ministries this weekend at purple door music festival in pa, then moving. but admist all of that, i will post soon. actually, i'm going to upload my photos from my trip to canada and pittsburgh this past week right now... hope all is well!

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