Nov 22, 2008

the Kempers

i don't think i have the words to explain what this family of 8 means to me. yes 8. baby is coming 2009!
i lived with them in Virginia when i was there working full time with Stand True ministries afew years ago. Bryan is the founder and director of Stand True. They moved headquarters to Ohio not too long after i moved back, so i still get to see them, not as much as i'd like, but its better than states away. i love all of these guys. i have all kinds of pictures of them from living with them, traveling with them, and just hanging out... here are afew from their session for their Christmas this year.

this one didn't work that great because the sun was working against us, i wish i'd brought something to block it. i still think its cute though.

i got to photograph this little dude when he was just 2 minutes old. it was such a privilege.

when we got back to the house, the neighbors had their rabbit out...

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