Nov 22, 2008

the Blair's 1st anniversary

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the Blair's on their first anniversary recently. We hung out at the Cincinnati Zoo for a bit in the afternoon, and later on the in evening we went out to Eden Park to take some fun photographs before they went out for dinner. I shot their wedding last year, so it's really neat for me and my camera to get to hang out with them again. I've known Kristin most of my life, i so much enjoy getting to capture her Joy that i know so well. Enjoy!

apparently Charlie really likes pictures of him and his wife walking from behind. Kristin was turned telling me this fact as they were walking down this path i asked them to walk down, so Charlie pulled her back up the path towards me so they could walk down it again with her looking forward instead of turned talking to me :-)

the overlook over the river and kentucky (where i live!)

we went down to the over the rhine (where i go to school) for abit also, it was final friday, so the art galleries were open and people were out and about. we didn't stay down there long but i really like this shot.

the end.

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